Top 10 NJ Poker Tips

10 Tips

Making the move from live poker to NJ Internet poker? Been playing for a few years but having trouble building your bankroll? We're here to help. At, we don't want you to just have fun playing poker, we want it to be profitable for you. When you win, it's more fun. Plain and simple. So to help you get better' we've put together our top 10 tips for playing online poker in New Jersey.

Learn the right way to play Texas Hold'em

If you're new to the New Jersey online poker scene, your first instinct might be to play every hand that comes your way and see what happens. Ignore your instincts. That's the wrong move. The best players throw away about 99% of the hands their dealt. That's true in live poker. And it's true online. You might be playing NJ Internet poker, but that doesn't mean you should treat the game any differently than live poker. When you toss away mediocre hands, don't leave the table. Pay attention to what other players are doing. You could learn a lot.

Get control of your tilt

You're holding pocket Aces. The flop comes 2s, Ac, 9d. Naturally, you raise. Some jerk calls. The turn comes 7h. The other guy calls. You raise. He takes you all in. You call. The river comes 9s. You turn over a set of Aces. He turns over his pocket nines, hitting quads on the river. That's a bad beat. It shouldn't have happened. But it did. And your first thought is to get the guy back by doing whatever it takes. That's called going on tilt. Don't do it. Take control of your emotions or you're likely to lose your shirt.

Study strategy

Every wonder why some players holding pocket Jacks jump out of a hand after the flop when they seem to have a solid pair? Chances are they're better at reading other players than you and they know something most people don't. They've studied strategy, so they know which situations call for which actions. Sometimes a seemingly amazing hand is garbage if you're not in the right position and others call over you. Sometimes a garbage hand is stellar when you're in prime position. Studying strategy will tell you how to play smartly.

Gather information on your opponents

Don't watch the cards drop on the felt. Watch other players. Yes, that might be hard to do online since you're facing off against avatars, not actual beating hearts. But you can still study things like how long a player took to call or raise. And you can review hand histories to see how certain situations played out against specific players. Plus at New Jersey Internet poker sites, no one can see you, so feel free to jot down notes and collect information on everyone at the table.

Learn bankroll management

You just deposited $200. Which stake levels should you be playing? $1/2? $2/5? Or $5/10? If you answered any of those, you've got a lot to learn. You should only bring about 5% of your bankroll to the table. In the case of $200, that's $10. That means you should probably be playing $0.05/$0.10 tables at most, where the maximum buy-in might be $10.

Don't play tired

Every watch a live tournament? A single day can be a grueling 12, 14 or even 16 hours long. Poker players take breaks, though. They get up and stretch. And the tournament director schedules breaks throughout the event - sometimes 15 or 20 minutes and sometimes about an hour for dinner. In cash games, it can get a little trickier since the game is ongoing. If you're with buddies, chances are you'll eventually agree to take a break together. But when you play online, the time can fly. In tournaments, there are no long breaks. It's go-go-go. You can get pretty tired playing New Jersey Internet poker and not even realize it. Make sure you schedule breaks from the tables or you could end up playing sloppily.

Don't chase losses

You see the pros on TV make a killing. But here's the thing. That's TV. Fancy editing, really. Do you think pros win all the time? No. They lose. But they're smart about it. Rather than chasing their losses, they deal with it, knowing that it's part of the game. Treat poker as an investment and you'll go far. If you lose, so be it. Don't jump back into a game with the goal of making your money back.

Learn more than one poker variant

You know who some of the best Hold'em players are? Those who kill it playing Omaha. The trick to getting better at poker is to sharpen your mind. And the best way to do that is to play multiple poker variations. Hold'em might be the big game you see on TV, but there are other big variations, including Omaha, HORSE, and others.

Revise your play

Remember these three words: Never be predictable. If you always raise 3x the big blind on the button with a mid-pair, people will eventually see it coming. Keep revising your play to keep other players on their toes and you could quickly become the king of the New Jersey online poker community.

Study poker books

Make use of your iPad and tap over to the iBooks app. There are dozens of poker books worth reading and many of them can help you become a superstar online poker player in ways you've never even dreamed were possible. Reading a book might not be as good as one-to-one tuition, but it can still give you great insight in to the game.