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About Us

New Jersey is a big deal to us. Many members of the team were born here. Others moved here because they loved the proximity to Atlantic City and the lifestyle. Today, every single one of us calls New Jersey Home.

Prior to Black Friday, we all played poker online. When the market came crashing down, so did the poker world we knew and loved. Suddenly, residents of the Garden State, not to mention the rest of the country, were left without a place to play poker and feel safe.

Today, we're excited that's no longer the case. But we also know that making the move to legalized online poker wouldn't be easy for a lot of poker players. The second the government of New Jersey legalized online poker in the Garden State, we knew poker players weren't necessarily going to make a smooth transition. And naturally, we had a few questions:

  1. Poker players were used to great software. Would that be the case when the new sites launched?
  2. The US was a massive market with players from all over the world competing for big prize pools. Would this one-state solution be too small to make players happy?
  3. What would promotions and bonuses be like? Land-based casinos, who operate the online properties, aren't exactly famous for handing out free stuff, other than the occasional steak dinner.

As the questions begin to swirl in our heads, we realized that New Jersey online poker players deserved to know which online poker sites were worth playing at. So we devised a rating system and went to work.

What we look for in an online poker site

  • Traffic - because liquidity is extremely important for poker players in New Jersey. You want to know that there are enough players to play against so you can win some money.
  • Bonuses - because poker players in the US are used to getting something just for signing up. New Jersey poker sites should deliver the same incentives.
  • Promotions - because the sign-up bonus should only be the beginning. Legal New Jersey poker sites need to treat their regular players with respect.
  • Loyalty Program - because you need a reason to want to continue playing on a poker site.
  • Size of Guarantees - because no one wants to grind the tables for hours only to find out that their paycheck is tiny.
  • Stake Levels - because some players have a $50,000 bankroll and others only have $50 to work with. Every player is different and a good poker site should be able to accommodate everyone.
  • Game Variety - because not everyone wants to play the same game all the time. Hold'em is just the start of what makes online poker in New Jersey so much fun.
  • Deposit Options - because no one wants to jump through hoops to play poker.
  • Withdrawal Speed - because no one wants to wait forever to get their hands on their money.

Why use NewJerseyPokerSites.com to find great sites

We put every New Jersey real money Internet poker website through a meticulous rating process where it's rated in every category listed above (among others). Each review takes a full two weeks and each site is re-reviewed on a bi-monthly basis to account for any changes or additions that the poker room might have recently made.

You can count on our NJ poker room reviews to be fair, honest, and unbiased. We would never recommend a site that we wouldn't play at ourselves. If you don't see a poker room on our list quite yet, remember to check back often. New sites are always launching once the state approves new licensees. And we're always standing by to review them