Best BlackBerry poker sites in New Jersey


You've probably heard the jokes. "Get an iPhone," they shout at you from across the street. But you love your BlackBerry. You love the security. You love the BB 10 experience. And you wouldn't change any of it. But the second you heard about New Jersey online poker being legal, you figured it was time to switch. After all, no Atlantic City casino is going to offer BlackBerry poker apps, right? Wrong.

If you've got a BlackBerry, you've got access to BlackBerry poker sites. But before you sign up to play just anywhere, read what we have to say first. We've reviewed tons of NJ BlackBerry online poker sites to make sure they'll flawless. Not every Internet poker room met our expectations, but we did find some really great ones. Keep reading for all the important info.

Everything you need to know about New Jersey BlackBerry poker sites in 60 Seconds

  • BlackBerry poker apps in New Jersey let you play for real money
  • You need to be within state lines to access real money BlackBerry poker apps - they won't work if you're outside the state
  • If you don't see a New Jersey BlackBerry poker app at your favorite site today, check back soon (sites are constantly updating their lineup of apps)
  • NJ poker sites are still supporting BlackBerry, even though many players are switching to other platforms
  • You need to have a BlackBerry with OS 10 to play (NJ BlackBerry apps don't work on models release before the Z10)

Switching between PC and BlackBerry poker sites

PC poker has been around for well over a decade, so we're all pretty used to how the tables work. In fact, if you've ever played poker at an offshore site, the whole table layout was pretty familiar no matter which poker site you played at. But BlackBerry poker apps are different. The size of the device means that the experience is probably something that you've never seen before.

For example, if you're used to using your BlackBerry in portrait mode, get ready to flip it 90 degrees. All NJ BlackBerry poker apps work in landscape mode only, with no option to rotate the screen. You'll also have to get used to smaller cards and a different layout for call, raise, and fold buttons and check boxes (in fact, you likely won't find check boxes because they just don't work all that well on a BlackBerry).

Advantages of New Jersey BlackBerry poker sites

  • BlackBerry's solid multitasking experience lets you do other things will you play NJ online poker.
  • You can play from anywhere within state lines, as long as you've got an Internet connection
  • BlackBerry New Jersey poker apps are available from BlackBerry World, with direct links available on the poker sites that offer it
  • neighborThe players you'll meet are all residents of New Jersey, so it's just like playing against your neighbor
  • If your work IT department has blocked poker sites, you can still sneak in a game using a BlackBerry poker app (you might need to use LTE or 4G instead of WiFi)
  • You can play for real money or for pretend money - it's your call

What to look for in New Jersey BlackBerry poker sites

Ready to go all in on your BlackBerry? Here's what to look for when choosing a Blackberry poker real money site:

  • Are there enough players?-BlackBerry real money poker isn't fun when you're playing against just one guy
  • Can you play both tourneys and cash games-some Blackberry online sites don't offer both, so make sure you pick an app that does
  • The option to switch between devices-look for sites that allow you to jump from your BlackBerry New Jersey poker real cash app to a PC, Mac, or tablet app

We're thrilled to bring you New Jersey's best BlackBerry poker sites

Figure out which BlackBerry poker online app works best for New Jersey players can be hard. So we've gone ahead and done all the research for you. Our picks for the top real money BlackBerry poker sites offer topnotch customer service, excellent customer support, easy deposits, fast cashouts, and (of course) an amazing app that works perfectly on your BlackBerry.

And here's where it gets even more interesting. The NJ BlackBerry poker apps we recommend let you play for free. You can create and account for free and play poker for free - all without even handing over your credit card. And when you decide to play for real money, each BlackBerry NJ poker room on our list hands you extra bankroll to play with through a special deposit bonus. That's something to BBM your buddies about.