The fishiest poker sites in New Jersey


Can you smell that? That's blood in the water. And New Jersey is full of it. This isn't a mob joke. Or a Jersey Shore fight joke. We're talking about all the fish that are about to be hunted down by sharks like you. NJ Internet card rooms are full of fish, especially now that legalized poker in the Garden State is just getting started.

If you're looking for the best loose poker sites in New Jersey, we've got your best bets right here. Not sure what makes fish poker rooms so special? Don't get why playing at easy poker sites is a big deal? Keep reading for all the ins and outs of playing at loose poker sites in New Jersey and how it can change your game - and your bankroll - in a major way.

Everything you need to know about NJ loose poker sites in 60 Seconds

  • New Jersey offers some of the fishiest poker sites in the US
  • Most big-name pros have moved to Europe or Canada to play online, so you don't have to worry about huge sharks competing for your fish
  • Now is the best time to play at NJ easy poker sites with the most fish (as word gets out, more sharks will join)
  • Easy poker sites in the Garden State are legal (at least the ones we recommend)
  • The fact that New Jersey was one of the first states to legalize online poker means that the state has a high number of poker sites with the most fish
  • You can play at the fishiest poker online sites for free without spending any money

Understanding fishy poker rooms

You play poker to win. Sure, with your buddies at your home poker games in New Jersey, you might play for the social aspect. But in the real world - and the virtual one - you're in it for the big score. If you're great at poker, you want to play at poker sites with the most fish. What does that mean? Well, think of poker as a sport. Would you rather play basketball against a bunch of 6th graders or against pro athletes? We'd choose athletes if we wanted to get crushed by stars. But if we were betting on who has a better shot at winning, we'd take on the middle schoolers in a heartbeat.

Online poker is the same. A table full of pros might sound cool on the surface, but you're never going to make money playing against the big guns. That's why you want to choose the fishiest poker sites. With amateur players, you'll be able to bite into their bankrolls like sharks and come out ahead.

Advantages of New Jersey fish poker rooms

  • You can stretch your bankroll further
  • It's easier to win your way into land-based tournaments or satellite into a big weekly guarantee
  • Because New Jersey online poker is relatively new, there are very few sharks
  • The best fish poker rooms make it easy for players to deposit, so loose players can reload quickly (meaning you can take their money faster)
  • All of the loose poker sites we recommend here are regulated by the State of New Jersey, so they're reputable and safe
  • Each of the fish poker sites on our page are run by bricks-and-mortar Atlantic City casinos

Before you play exclusively with fish

Here's the thing about the fishiest poker sites in New Jersey. While they offer you a great chance to make money, you won't get really good at poker if you don't play against good players. That's just the nature of the game. To be great, you need to play against really solid players too. So even if you've decided to play at poker sites with the most fish, keep your eye out for the really good players and don't be afraid to ante up with them every now and then.

We found the best loose poker sites in New Jersey

Ready to make a killing by chomping down on the tables? We've played hundreds of hours at NJ's top legal online poker sites and we've determined which poker rooms in the Garden State are the fishiest. Poker sites on our list are all regulated by the state of New Jersey, so you know you're playing somewhere reputable and honest. And best of all, you can play against fish without risking any money - each site lets you play for free so sign up now.