iPad poker in New Jersey


Have you seen the latest iPad Air commercial? We're talking about the one that focuses in on a pencil for the entire 30-second spot. They talk about how this "extremely simple tool" has been everywhere. Boardrooms. Classrooms. Even space. At the end of the spot they zoom in on the pencil and someone picks up an iPad Air that's hiding behind it. Well, they might want to add New Jersey to the list of places the iPad has been because thanks to NJ iPad poker apps, you'll be seeing a lot of these devices all over the Garden State.

Got an iPad? Then you're going to love playing iPad poker. It has completely changed the way poker players ante up on the go. As huge fans of the device (not to mention New Jersey Hold'em) we love the fact that we don't have to be tied to a desk or restricted to a recliner with a laptop. Wherever we go, we can fire up an iPad poker online New Jersey site and go all in. If you're looking to get in on the NJ iPad poker real money craze, stick with us. We'll show you all the best New Jersey poker sites that work great on the iPad.

Everything you need to know about New Jersey iPad poker sites in 60 Seconds

  • New Jersey iPad poker sites often offer a more authentic, uncluttered poker experience than a laptop or desktop version
  • Not all NJ Hold'em sites offer poker apps today, but that doesn't mean they won't offer it tomorrow (so check back often)
  • Just because an online poker site works on a Mac, it doesn't mean it works on your iPad
  • iPad New Jersey poker apps are designed to work on the iPad mini or full-size iPad (including the iPad Air
  • Some NJ iPad poker online sites that offer iPad Hold'em apps might not support the first-generation iPad

Jumping from PC tables to iPad poker sites

Love playing Texas Hold'em from your PC in New Jersey? You're going to love it even more on the iPad. But before you make the switch from clicking to tapping, there are a few things you should know. iPad poker sites in NJ require an Internet connection. That's true even if you're playing free games. That means you'll need an iPad that has 3G or LTE built-in and an iPad data plan if you want to connect from anywhere. If you'd like to rely on WiFi, you're free to do so. But the moment you lose your WiFi connection and get disconnected from an iPad poker online site, you could risk losing your chips.

If you're smartphone lets you tether, you don't have to rely on paying for an extra plan. Just connect your iPad to your smartphone as if you're connecting to a WiFi network and you're all set. Just make sure you don't run out of data, otherwise you could incur extra charges.

Advantages of New Jersey iPad online poker sites

  • iPad poker apps for New Jersey are available in the App Store, just like other apps
  • You can install them directly from your iPad - no Mac or PC required
  • The iPad NJ experience is way more realistic than the desktop version - just plop your iPad down on a table and it's like playing at the WSOP
  • You can play from anywhere in NJ with an Internet connection - even on the bus from Newark to Atlantic City
  • Whether you're playing on a desktop or on your iPad, NJ poker online sites offer the same stake levels across the board
  • All the people you're playing against reside in the same state, so you already have tons in common with them

What to look for in New Jersey iPad poker sites

Want to turn your iPad into the ultimate poker room? Make sure you find a New Jersey Internet gambling site that offers all this:

  • Enough players for tourneys and cash games - empty tables are never fun
  • The stakes you want to play -if you're a high roller, make sure they offer large stakes (and if you like playing for free, make sure they offer that too)
  • Great signup bonuses -you deserve to get paid from your iPad poker app before you even sit down to play

We found the best iPad online poker New Jersey sites

Can't wait to tap your way to a big pot? Then download an iPad poker online app to your tablet now. But not just any app. Not all poker sites are created equal. The truth is New Jersey iPad Internet poker is relatively new. It literally just launched in November 2013 and a lot of the casinos that created iPad poker apps didn't put too much thought into them. Way too many casinos rushed their poker apps to market.

We're not interested in any of those. So we cut them from our list. Deleted. Like magic. We did the equivalent of holding down an app, going into jiggle mode, and tapping the X to delete. So you won't see any mediocre sites on our list. All our picks for the best NJ iPad poker gambling sites offer a flawless experience, fast gameplay, great graphics, access to all the same stakes and tables that PC players have access to, great customer service, easy deposits, and quick cashouts. Oh, and they offer great signup bonuses just for iPad New Jersey poker players too. So go ahead. Take your iPad somewhere amazing in New Jersey and play poker from anywhere.