iPhone poker in New Jersey


What was your iMessage like on February 26, 2013? If you're like most poker players in New Jersey, you probably got a flood of messages from everyone in your poker playing circle. That was the day Governor Chris Christie signed into law a bill that makes playing poker online legal in the Garden State. That was the day that changed everything for the better. Today, NJ iPhone poker apps are available in the App Store just for New Jersey players.

Today, it's not just legal to play poker in New Jersey. The state's casinos offer totally legit iPhone poker apps where you can bluff your way to riches for real money. Yup, those same big casinos you see in Atlantic City that ask you to put your iPhone away while you're doubling down at the blackjack tables actually let you gamble on your phone. But not every casino offers a flawless iPhone online poker experience. But the ones that we recommend do. Keep reading to find out which places you'll want to park your chips at and which ones to avoid like the iPlague.

Everything you need to know about New Jersey iPhone poker sites in 60 Seconds

  • Online poker just launched in New Jersey, so not every site offers iPhone poker NJ apps yet (check back often for updates)
  • You can access both real-money and play tables from iPhone NJ poker sites
  • Your NJ online poker account works across platforms - you can use the same login details on your compute or on your iPhone NJ poker app
  • No matter where you're located in New Jersey, iPhone poker apps get you access to the tables as long as you have an Internet connection
  • The people you are playing with are all in New Jersey, so you might have played against them at a local poker room
  • The latest online poker iPhone NJ apps are optimized to work on the iPhone 5S, 5, and even the smaller-screen iPhone 4 models

Jumping from computer poker to iPhone poker in New Jersey

Used to playing poker on your PC? Then you're going to need to adjust your expectations a little if you're going to jump over to a New Jersey iPhone poker real money site. Don't worry. A lot is the same. Same rules. Same stake levels. Same tables. Same option to play tourneys or cash games. Same cashier, too. So what's different? Your screen real estate. And that's a pretty big deal.

Have you looked at your iPhone screen? It's small. Maybe it's perfect for shooting an email, doing your banking, or checking traffic on the Turnpike. But when it comes to playing a full game of poker against eight other players, that virtual iPhone poker table can feel a bit crowded. So you'll need to get used to smaller cards, a different action button layout, and an overall more compact way to play. But don't worry. The iPhone Hold'em New Jersey sites that we recommend have created iPhone apps that feel and play great.

Advantages of New Jersey iPhone poker sites

  • You don't need to be tied to your laptop - access NJ iPhone poker sites on the go
  • Get in a quick game between hands at a live poker game - even at Atlantic City casinos if they permit phones at the tables
  • Play at work on your lunch, even if your IT department has blocked access to gambling sites
  • You get access to the same stakes as people playing on computers - without having to lug around a big laptop
  • You can iMessage your friends about specific hands you just played - all from the same device you used to play that hand

What to look for in New Jersey iPhone poker sites

Want to turn your iPhone into the ultimate poker room? Make sure you find a New Jersey Internet gambling site that offers all this:

  • Great bonuses - because you want enough bankroll to do some damage with at the tables
  • Amazing uncluttered graphics - a small screen is hard enough on your eyes
  • Compatibility with your iPhone - remember, if it doesn't work on the iPhone 4 and that's what you have, you're out of luck

Our picks for the top iPhone poker websites

We found the absolute best iPhone poker apps worth downloading. All our picks are from Atlantic City casinos that we really love. That means management treats players fair, customer service is top notch, bonuses are great, deposits are easy, and cashouts are quick and painless.

And all our picks offer some of the highest New Jersey iPhone poker traffic we've seen. Remember, if no one is available to play the same stakes as you, you might as well play a lonely game of solitaire on your computer. That said, solitaire doesn't offer signup bonuses and our picks do. So check them out and discover an iPhone online poker experience you'll love.