Legal New Jersey Poker Sites


For a lot of Americans, the online poker law is complex. Is it legal to play? Will I be charged with a crime? If my money is lost, will anyone care? But if you live in New Jersey, none of those questions matter. Why? Because Internet poker legislation has made playing poker online in New Jersey perfectly legit.

But not all New Jersey legal poker sites are created equal. The online poker act is pretty new, having just been signed into law in 2013. And that means lots of Atlantic City casinos rushed their product out the boardwalk doors in order to capitalize on state regulated online poker. But don't worry about it. Or fuggedaboudit! as we like to say here in NJ. We've got you covered with the best sites that are worth playing at. Read on for more.

Everything you need to know about New Jersey legal poker sites in 60 Seconds

  • Online poker is legal in New Jersey, but not all sites open to New Jersey players are approved by the state (many still operate from offshore)
  • NJ state regulated poker sites will have a stamp of approval on their home pages
  • You can consult the Division of Gaming Enforcement to make sure a New Jersey online poker site is actually licensed by the Garden State
  • Legal NJ poker sites are owned and operated by brick-and-mortar casinos in Atlantic City
  • Legit poker online NJ sites offer bonuses to help you build a bigger bankroll off the bat
  • Only players in New Jersey are eligible to play at legal New Jersey poker sites
  • You need to be a resident of New Jersey to play at NJ online poker sites - and you can only play from within state lines

How New Jersey legal poker has changed

Legal online poker in New Jersey is relatively new. It only officially launched in November 2013. And while sites are still enhancing their online poker offerings, we've definitely come a long way in the Garden State. Think about it. We've experienced somewhat of an online poker drought here. Back in the mid-2000s, things were great. New Jersey poker players won their seats in the WSOP through major online poker sites. And up until 2011, everything seemed amazing. There wasn't any federal online poker bill in the works, but players played at big international poker sites and everything was fine.

And then Black Friday hit in April 2011. The Department of Justice shut down the top three poker sites for violating a federal law, freezing bank accounts and making New Jersey players very nervous. So, for a few years, we've been without a place to play legal poker online in NJ. But that didn't stop most players in the Garden State from anteing up. From 2011 through 2013, most people risked their money at offshore online poker sites. They weren't New Jersey legal poker sites, but they offered the chance to have fun.

Noticing that no federal legislation was going to happen anytime soon, New Jersey lawmakers put together a New Jersey online gaming bill, ultimately legalizing online gambling in New Jersey. The goals were simple:

  1. Provide online gamblers with a safe place to play
  2. Generate tax revenue for the state
  3. Put New Jersey on the map as the nation's top online gambling destination

Number 3 was a big one. When you think of gambling in the US, you think of Las Vegas, not Atlantic City. And let's face it. Most Atlantic City casinos are struggling. But Governor Chris Christie and other elected officials realized that a New Jersey online poker bill could turn the state around in a major way and put NJ on the map as the online gambling capital of the world.

Today, you're free to play at legal poker sites in New Jersey, and when you do you know your money is safe. Why? Because every licensed NJ legal online poker room is regulated by the state and owned by an Atlantic City casino.

Advantages of New Jersey legal poker sites

  • Legal New Jersey online poker websites are backed by real casinos, so you know your money is safe
  • Because they're legal, NJ poker online sites have to undergo rigorous testing before they launch to ensure fairness and honesty
  • It's easy to deposit to a legit Garden State poker site because credit card transactions aren't blocked like they are at offshore sites
  • You can play legal online poker in New Jersey, even though there's no federal legislation yet
  • Legal poker sites pay out a lot faster than offshore sites - our players report being paid in a matter of days at some sites

The future of legal poker in New Jersey

With the online poker New Jersey law still fresh, legal poker online is in its infancy. There's already a healthy number of NJ poker rooms to choose from, and the list will keep growing as more and more properties fine-tune their poker room. For example, some Atlantic City casinos have only launched their casino product. So, while you might only be able to play slots and table games today, you could soon find yourself crushing a tournament at legal poker sites in New Jersey.

What else could change? Well, an expanded player pool is very possible - and that could include poker players from outside the Garden State. As more and more states look at regulating online poker, we could see state compacts that pool players together, meaning more tournaments, bigger guarantees, and more chances to hit it big!

The best legal New Jersey Internet poker sites

Looking for the top places to play right now? The sites you see on this page are the hands-down best legal NJ online poker rooms. We've rated all legal poker sites in New Jersey for quality of software, promotions, size of tournaments, size of guarantees, customer service, loyalty program, and more.

Only the best legal poker web sites make our list, so you know you're playing somewhere amazing. And remember, no offshore here. Everything is regulated. Don't see a site you like? Legit Hold'em in the Garden State is always changing, so new sites are popping up daily. Make sure you check back often.