Best Mac online poker sites in New Jersey


You know why they call it the Finder? Because your Mac has been trying to find the perfect Mac Internet poker site worth playing at. And until now, the only choices were offshore sites that offered sub-par Mac poker apps or that you weren't sure you could trust. But ever since NJ Mac poker games were legalized in November 2013, your OS X machine is finding a lot of choice in places for you to play poker at.

Want to join one? There are quite a few options for places to enjoy Mac poker games, but not all sites are created equal. Keep reading to find out which Mac web poker sites are the most popular, which ones offer the best bonuses, and how you can play for free without opening your wallet.

Everything you need to know about New Jersey Mac poker sites in 60 Seconds

  • Some casinos offer Mac poker through a dedicated client while others work through Safari or another web browser
  • Not all online NJ poker sites offer Mac poker games - but the ones on this page do
  • Mac poker games usually offer the same table stakes and options as the PC version
  • The Mac poker experience is not compatible with other Apple devices, like iPad
  • You can use the same account to play on a Mac or PC, so if you move from device to device you're covered

Coming from a PC? Here's what you need to know about Mac poker sites

Whether you've got a PC and just switched to Mac or whether you see your buddies playing New Jersey poker on their Windows machines and want to enjoy it on your Mac, you've probably got a few questions. The big one? Is the experience the same on a Mac as it is on a PC? For the most part, yes. Aside from a few UI differences with closing and minimizing buttons, the experience is pretty identical across the board. The tables and stake levels available are the same too. In fact, when you play at Mac Internet poker rooms, you're playing against people who might be on a PC.

So what's different? Well, the installation process is very different because the way the two operating systems install files differs quite a lot. What's more, on some PCs, the cashier is built directly into the poker app while some Mac poker New Jersey sites host their cashier on their website. These are small differences but ones you should know about.

Advantages of New Jersey Mac online poker sites

  • Macs are generally more secure than PCs, so you don't have to worry about anti-virus protection as much as Windows users
  • The experience is really fast, especially when using an SSD-based Mac like the MacBook Air or a retina MacBook Pro
  • Installing a Mac Internet poker site is really easy
  • Because Mac poker New Jersey sites are relatively new, the software is fresh and that means the experience is often identical to other platforms

What to look for in New Jersey Mac online poker sites

Before you allow just any Mac poker game in your dock, make sure it meets these three basic criteria:

  • Works natively - you don't want to have to install a virtual machine and run Windows just to run a Mac Internet poker game
  • Offers plenty of features - there's no excuse for Mac poker sites to leave features out that are available in PC games
  • Doesn't take forever to load - some of the old Mac clients from the offshore poker sites were slow, so make sure the NJ Mac online poker game you want to play doesn't take after those sites

We found the best Mac poker rooms to play at

When it comes to Mac poker sites in New Jersey, you've got choice. We recommend skipping all the offshore sites. Sure, many of them offer attractive bonuses, but the truth is these sites make it hard for you to get your money into your account due to federal law and banking policies. And if you do manage to get your money into your account, withdrawing your winnings take forever. That's why we suggest playing exclusively at Mac poker rooms that are regulated by the state.

These poker rooms are actually run by brick-and-mortar casinos - the same ones you see in Atlantic City. That means you know you can trust them. So go ahead, give one of the Mac Internet poker sites we recommend a try. You'll love what you see. And your Finder will thank you for finally ending its search for the perfect place to play.