New Jersey MasterCard Deposits


You've seen the "priceless" MasterCard campaign. So naturally you'd assume that using your MasterCard to fund your NJ online poker account should be a piece of cake, right? We assumed the same thing. And then we took a look at all the legal online poker sites accepting MasterCard in the Garden State. It turns out that it's not so easy if you're playing on the wrong site.

Fortunately, we know which legit NJ poker online sites let you use MasterCard to fund your account, plus we've got the inside scoop on how to profit even more every time you load your poker account with MasterCard. Keep reading for all the info - and make sure you've got room on your MasterCard for your next deposit.

Everything you need to know about New Jersey MasterCard deposits in 60 Seconds

  • The legal NJ poker sites accepting MasterCard are run by the big-name Atlantic City casinos you see on the boardwalk
  • Funding your poker account with MasterCard is a lot like using your credit card to buy stuff on Amazon
  • You can count on high-end encryption technology to keep your card information and each transaction safe, assuming you choose a legit NJ poker site
  • Most poker sites accepting MasterCard don't charge extra fees
  • You don't need to set up anything with your bank in advance - just use your MasterCard like you normally would online
  • If a poker site accepts MasterCard, make sure your bank is supported first (some banks aren't yet set up for NJ Internet poker deposits)

How to make a MasterCard poker deposit

It's easy to turn an online swipe of your MasterCard into a giant stack of chips at the poker tables. Here's how:

  1. After you've created a free NJ online poker account, sign in and head to the Cashier.
  2. Choose MasterCard as your payment method.
  3. Enter your MasterCard number to begin the process.
  4. When asked, enter your expiry date and security code number (you'll find that on the back of your card on the signature strip).
  5. The first time you make an online poker MasterCard deposit, you may be asked to enter your billing address. You likely won't have to do that each time.
  6. Click the Submit button to fund your account. The transaction should go through in a few seconds and the money will be made available in your account immediately.

Advantages of New Jersey MasterCard poker sites

  • You don't have to worry about exchange rates because all transactions take place in the United States
  • It's just as simple as buying anything online
  • You're likely protected by MasterCard's anti-fraud policy, so you don't have to worry about your card number falling into the wrong hands
  • NJ MasterCard online poker deposits qualify for loyalty points, so each deposit could help you save for your next vacation
  • Funds deposited are made immediately available to play with, so there's no waiting around for your cash to clear

Before you make a MasterCard online poker deposit

Online poker in New Jersey is relatively new. While it's legal in the Garden State, the rest of the US hasn't really caught up. And unfortunately, a lot of banks have banned online poker MasterCard deposits. While a site might boast that they accept MasterCard for NJ poker deposits, it's very possible that your MasterCard won't work. If it's issued by a bank that hasn't yet changed over their system to allow Internet gambling deposits, your transaction could be denied. Make sure you are gambling at a site that does have MasterCard available as a deposit option.

We found the best poker sites accepting MasterCard

Itching to place a bet? All you need is your wallet - and us. We found the absolute best poker sites accepting MasterCard in New Jersey. Not only are these sites legal and trustworthy, but they've also passed through our strict review process. Every MasterCard online poker website on our list offers everything you'd expect from a top-tier online poker site. That includes various stake levels, high guarantees, all the games you can imagine (including Hold'em and Omaha), great customer service, and the best software in the business. Ready to play? Just use the links on this page to get started. You'll even qualify for a bonus that we've negotiated when you sign up with your MasterCard, so play now.