Best New Jersey mobile poker sites


When they gave New Jersey its motto Liberty and Prosperity, they should have added Mobility to the phrase. With New Jersey mobile poker sites now available to anyone of gambling age in the Garden State, you've got the freedom to play anywhere you want - as long as you've got an Internet connection.

If you hate being tied to your desk, you're going to love NJ mobile pokers sites. On the bus. At the bus stop. At Starbucks. In line at the post office. At the Newark airport. On the boardwalk. At home. Anywhere, really. If you're in New Jersey, you can play at NJ mobile poker real money websites from your smartphone or tablet. And we know which sites off the best on-the-go experience. Read on to find out.

Everything you need to know about New Jersey mobile poker sites in 60 Seconds

  • New Jersey mobile poker sites offer the same games and stake levels as the desktop version
  • A lot of the real money NJ poker sites worked hard to launch in time in late November after the Garden State gave the go-ahead, so their mobile poker online sites might not be ready today
  • The casinos that do offer NJ mobile poker apps work on Android and iOS
  • Windows RT tablets aren't supported, but you can download the regular PC version if your tablet runs Windows 8 Pro
  • You need an Internet connection to access the tables, so make sure you have 3G or LTE - even if you're playing free games

Before you play NJ poker games, read this

Thinking about downloading mobile poker apps for NJ players? Good call. But before you tap Install, you need to know that NJ mobile poker games are different than the games you'll find on PC. Yes, the mobile apps let you access the same tables as what you'll find on your PC or Mac. But the experience is different. If you're used to big cards and an uncluttered feel, you'll need to get used to playing in a cramped space if you play on your smartphone. Remember, smartphones are usually about the size of a deck of cards, so fitting a whole poker table on a screen that size takes some ingenuity.

And if your idea of NJ mobile poker real money games involves tablets, you'll need to pay attention to the placement of the buttons. While there might be plenty of space to play compared to playing on a smartphone, some mobile Hold'em apps have different table layouts than their desktop counterparts. So make sure you don't accidentally fold when you attempt to push all in.

Advantages of New Jersey mobile online poker sites

  • You can play NJ mobile poker real money games from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • When you play on a large mobile device like a tablet, it gives you a more authentic poker experience - just place your mobile device on the table to see what we mean
  • Mobile poker apps for NJ players use your same username and password that you use on your desktop - one account for every device
  • You'll find the same tables and stake levels as what you'll find on your desktop
  • You can play mobile poker online against New Jersey players from anywhere within the state - no need to head to Atlantic City

What to look for in New Jersey mobile online poker sites

Thinking of playing poker on your mobile in New Jersey? Make sure the site you're choosing offers all this:

  • A large player pool - because poker is no fun when you're bluffing against yourself
  • Solid promotions - mobile NJ poker sites are backed by Atlantic City casinos, so there's no reason for them to be cheap
  • Solid geolocation technology - NJ mobile poker sites use special technology to make sure you're playing in state lines, but some sites kick you out if you're too close to the New York border (we don't like those sites)

We found the best NJ mobile poker sites

The NJ mobile poker sites market is getting pretty crowded. As more and more land-based casinos apply for Internet gambling licenses, it can get confusing trying to figure out which mobile poker apps for NJ players are the best. So instead of sweating it, check with us. We've reviewed every single NJ Internet mobile poker room to make sure their mobile experience is as good as their Mac or PC experience. While we recognize there are some limitations for on-the-go play, smartphones and tablets actually offer programmers the opportunity to do some pretty incredible things. So if a site failed to impress us, it didn't make our list.

We looked at everything. Gameplay. Speed. Customer Service. Bonus offers for NJ mobile poker real money players. And the number of players. You want to know that the site you're playing at has a large pool of players, so all our sites have large fields to play against. And here's the best part. They all let you play for free. So go ahead, use our links to try them out. And make your next run-of-the-mill trip out of the house a lot more fun.